Market days on Salt Spring Island is one of my venues for Stone Medicine. I also hold Sale Days in my home a couple times a year.

Often I am asked ‘what does this stone do’? In contemplation of this:

  1. Stones are a way to connect to the earth. I find a natural connection to where the stones originally resided. This offers opportunity for shamanic insight. Africa has been the focus for me the past few years with African Citrine, Kunzite, Tanzanite, Fluorite, Azurite and more. I have developed trusting relationships with stone harvesters over the years, working with people who love the stones.

2. Stones are alive and have consciousness. They are helpers in the spirit realm. This is at many different levels of consciousness. Beads, polished, cut and unloved stones (harshly harvested, treated without respect) can loose some of their qualities, yet still may offer a reflection of beauty whereby a person may experience gratitude.

3. They offer human consciousness a potential increase is thought, emotion and intent. It is essentially between the person and the stone. What is appropriate for one isn’t necessarily for another. A clear quartz for example may increase the person clarity of thought and emotion in meditation. This offers a opportunity to fine tune our thoughts and emotion prior to them coming into manifestation.

4. Stones communicate.

5. Like all living beings stones love to be loved.

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  1. Hello Illia,
    I was at the Salt Spring Market … July 27th. It was a warm one and your stall was busy. I bought 2 stones for my sons. One was an citrine (amber) quartz … I was debating on that one and kept the one I originally bought. The other was a grey/black stone shaped like an arrowhead (except a point on each end). It had a design on it and I wanted to talk with you about what it was and the meaning of this interesting stone. I would really like to know more about this stone. Can you tell me more about it? I can send a picture of it … if you give me your e-mail. Thank you so much.

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