Stone Medicine is becoming increasingly popular. Both in metaphysical circles and collectors at large. Here are some thoughts. My father was what can be termed a ‘rock hound’. He spent a good deal of time and attention digging in the dirt and had a profound respect for fossils, tools and artifacts made from Stone. I observed this from a very young age…and loved to run behind him on his pursuits. In this way I began to develop my stone connection. Geological formations formed both by nature and sculpted by humans is a astounding look at history and evolution. We learn from this history. The Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Nazca Lines of Peru (could have had extraterrestrial help), are examples of how we imprint stone to preserve a teaching and hold an energy. At Machu Picchu, and other places in Peru I observed communication devises made of stone. Energy is condensed in stone/crystal. Each one is a living being, when divided is still connected to the family and geographic location of its origin. This year I brought a lot of African Stones back to Canada.  I am often asked ‘what does this stone do?’, I usually reply, ‘it is between you and the stone’. Although many elemental aspects play a huge part in the energy. This is seen by colour, structure, weight etc. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of Nature seen in stone formation. This is an interesting study.

I love tourmaline, and it is said to have piezoelectric effect. This is the ability to hold electric charge.

Stones have become a commodity. They are increasing in monetary value, as well as popularity. Let us not forget, that stones are alive and an essential part of earth. They assist in maintaining the ley lines as one example. In this they give their service freely. My investment in stones/crystal is to provide to those who are drawn to the evolutionary assistance they give.

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