First comes safety- then comes health. All things follow this in the human drama. I have been speaking with many people recently who are plagued by many degenerative diseases here on the West Coast. A couple of things they have in common. They are chronically dehydrated, and haven’t taken the time to detox. Personally I do a weekly detoxification- where I stay home and spend they day supporting this. Three times a year I do a one to two week long detox. Beyond this, I support the liver and kidneys each day by staying hydrated with good spring water, and taking a milk thistle supplement (Natures Secret). The nutritional program of supplementation in Body Electronics shows the necessities of enzymes, minerals, raw protein, probiotics, essential ratty acids as the foundation of physical health. Curl up to a bottle of liquid minerals and a bottle of superfood enzymes ( to discover what lies dormant in the body. After 20 years this still astounds me. Of course willingness to undergo and follow through the Healing Crisis is key. Read 12 points on HC in Guide to Body Electronics by John Ray and more application info in The Body Electronics Experience

I take care of the physical as the foundation to all health. What we do each day to continue and increase physical vitality, goes a long way in the unfolding of emotion. All evolutionary efforts are gratefully accepted and utilized by the human molecular processes.


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