The four points of the year according to the Sun are times in which the power and intensity of life may shine for us to see. In the Northern Hemisphere I hear some talk of darkness and how that translates into beliefs.

The darkness is sacred.

A time of withdrawing from the external to take a closer look at what is really going on. Inside. How our thoughts and emotions are doing. Bear medicine is the dark time when we can root out what isn’t healthy. Quiet, restful, introspective moments can bring great clarity. Dreams, both in sleep time and awake offer insight into the great beyond. Dive deep into the dark rich soil of consciousness. This is where the void resides. Beyond that which lives and dies. Beyond that stale and worn out emotion. Beyond patterns of belief and intellectualism.

There lies stillness.

Interestingly we arrive there through stillness. Keeping the body, the tongue and the spine perfectly still. Being aware of the breath, to its deep and unceasing rhythm. From here we see, from here we feel, from here we let go.

May the darkness bless.

May we see where we are. May we see where we are going.

May we Love and Serve.

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