We can observe through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies the movement of simplicities to complexities.

During a Healing Crisis we see the 4 wholistic bodies go from simplicity (static) to complexity (movement).

This may be viewed many ways. The sine wave shows the vibrational movements. Complexity is a deep, multilayered well of consciousness or unconsciousness.

The words on these diagrams show the way downscale (involutionary) through the emotional body. This happens when we resist life. Anything less that unconditional love. Processing the Healing Crisis brings us upscale.

As we transmute that which surfaces for conscious awareness, we move further into simplicity. That is until the next layer presents, at which time we lovingly and willingly move again into complexity.

We can witness this within emotion.

Unconsciousness is simplistic.

As we actively change the energies as they present coming out from the unconscious, we move upward in the body toward fear. Physically located in the heart center, here we reach the pinnacle of complexity. Chaos ensues as the energies scramble to realign. This is where we must thrust our greatest efforts to bring all 4 wholistic components into harmony.

Transmutation (inner) clears the way. From fear, we move up through anger (thyroid) and pain (pituitary). This is a great feat, that brings consciousness into the crown (pineal).

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