A glimpse at the complexity of sexual energies.

 All living beings are interested in sex as a expression on so many levels.

It lies greatly in the emotional body.

To begin we have an internal program of survival. This is directly connected to the earth after we leave our mothers body. This connection runs though our pranic tube, with a connecting center of energy at the base of the spine. This center is our root. The upward movement of energy in the body starts here. It is connected to the emotional level of unconsciousness, which is not a negative term. This is our connection with all that is, the Great Mystery. Sometimes when we are doing our inner work, and the demons surface we can have a kind of PTS in relation to the unconscious. It is important to remember that beneath the clearing of our suppressed experience there is a vast and facinating void.

The emotional body (where we are currently resonating) is how the sexual energy is expressed. Let’s look briefly at the 7 levels on the emotional tone scale. Remembering the teachings of Body Electronics; 7 levels are within all 7 levels, equaling 49.

7. Unconsciousness- Sex and reproduction directly connected to the gonads; testes in male, ovaries in female. What does sex look/feel like here when one is resonating in unconsciousness? Numb. This numbness is often supported by self medicating: recreational drugs, pornography etc. Even extreme cold and heat will create numbness in the body, as will any extreme (putting the tissues into survival mode) physical experience. Unraveling numbness (unconsciousness) is required for upscale movement to apathy. Doug Morrison writes eloquently on this in How We Heal, page 406.

6. Apathy- Sex with a feeling of ‘who cares’. This resonates with the spleen. 

5. Grief – Sex with ‘why me’. This is connected to the pancreas. The feeling of loss. Not good enough. Insecurities.

4. Fear- The outer heart space resonates with the Thymus Gland. This (not to be confused with the center space of the heart) is the great center for fear and the crossroads to upscale (or downscale) movement. Around the heart lies the fearful collections of untransmuted (resisted then suppressed) experience. This is brought to the sexual experience if resonating here.

3. Anger- In sexual activity power and control issues (one sided) are brought through the body via the thyroid. Suppressed anger (rage) will attempt to find a method of expression. In anger/unconsciousness (level 3/7) this is where rape occurs. It would be highly unlikely that rape would be sought in level 7/3 (unconscious anger), as motivation would be next to none.

2. Pain- The pituitary resonates with the emotion of pain. In physical/sexual terms pain would be mostly hidden in the unconscious and possibly apathetic levels ( level 7/2, 6/2). As one moves upscale the pain comes to greater awareness. In level 2, one sees and feels others perspectives. Here we become highly compassionate and sensitive to the ‘other’ in sexual experience.

1. Enthusiasm/Love- Here the pineal shakes off its calcification’s and feels into the vastness of Spirit. In sexual expression the energy is felt all the way through the body via the endocrine/emotional clarity. The emotional path allows for this movement. Here one is extremely sensitive. At the base of the spine there lies the conductor of electrical energy that fuels the sexual experience in combination with hormones produced throughout the endocrine system. This electrical center also fuels the Kundalini, energy that travels the spine. Sexual and Kunalini are intimately connected. Kundalini electrical energies travel the spine through what is described in ancient texts as the Ida/Pingala moving through the Sushumna. I will state the obvious here; the Kundalini is able to rise when the pathways (nadis) are made clear of mental/emotional blockages. This is the inner work that is required for higher consciousness/ awareness to surface. When Kundalini makes it to the crown, the thousand petal begins to open..sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. There one sees past, present and future as one flow. One Universal energy is the multidimensional force holding creation. This energy is silver and moves upward. When this energy is anchored/held in consciousness (Love), it begins to flow from above, flooding the head/nadis and flowing downward. It presents in golden energy here.We touch upon this experience each time we reach level 1 on our emotional evolution. This level resides at the top of each emotional level (7 x 7). Level 1- Enthusiasm/ Love is the great transmuter for all that lies beneath in suppressed trauma. The Three Powers are all that is required to travel upscale emotionally.

For an excellent writing on Kundalini Yoga from Harish Johari see the link below. The illustrations are from Harish as well. He was a great teacher. May we be gentle with ourselves as we continue this arduous task of clearing the emotional body. For it is the Universal fail safe of true power. In Body Electronics we call ‘Love’, Enthusiasm (roughly translated as ‘god in you’). Here is an except from Love Without End by Glenda Green.

“You cannot define love with even the largest definition, for your understanding is not external to it. Because love is who you are, you will never fully comprehend its mysteries. Because love is who God is, love is the Divine Mystery. Love cannot be controlled. It cannot be predicted. It cannot be enforced. It cannot be enslaved. It cannot be killed. It cannot be defined. If you would speak of the depth, the power, and the infinite genius of love, think upon its ability to end all duality. Love has no opposites. It cannot be captured, and yet it willingly serves. It is infinitely free, and yet it abides in captivity. It cannot be enforced, and yet it is the basis of all law. It is the bringer of truth, and yet it never judges. It is the seer of all things, and yet it never condemns. It conquers by surrendering. It rules by lifting up. Through its mastery of paradox, love ends all duality.”

“Love Without End, “The Beloved.”


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