Wholistic Iridology 


This consultation focuses on a individualized program for increased vitality.

Wholistic Health Made Easy by Illia Heart has been written to further the understandings of wholistic principles. Free to download or print.

Body- Emotion- Mind- Spirit

Our physical body is the foundation of wholism.

Hydration- Drinking ½ the body’s weight in ounces each day is minimal hydration.   The Bodies Many Cries For Water by Batmangheldj is an excellent read.

Nutrition~ The food and supplements we choose are fundamental to the opening of the emotional body, by supplying necessary nutrients for hormone production. This feeds and maintains a healthy endocrine system.

  Wholistic Acupressure 90 mins-

This is body work that facilitates the opening of the emotional body.

Illia has over 30 years experience in the field of wholistic health.

Her work is entirely by Donation.

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