We are all self medicating. To what degree does it run our life?

Using a substance or activity that has the effect of suppressing or numbing physical, emotional or mental pain, or any other emotion.

I am not speaking to medications that assist people with mental illness, or degenerative disease. That is between you and your medical professionals.

I am speaking to the wide range of habitual self medicating that is currently abundant in daily life. The things that distract us from our evolutionary practices.

When I recognize something in my life that has become a habit, I ask myself; how is this distracting me, controlling me, debilitating me to other aspects of life? I have been addicted to sugar many times, and this caused a bio chemical response, that effected my emotion. Once, it took me over a year of conscious efforts to rise above the cravings. I am vigilant in watching the intake of sugars, that sneak in on holidays and winter months.

If we are dedicated to evolution and conscious efforts of transmutation, be aware of emotion or physical sensation that surfaces when we cease the self medicating act. In these moments, our willingness to feel and to feel with love will allow the awareness to rise.

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