In future I will again lead some journey’s in and around the Sedona, AZ Red Rocks. This will include a day trip to the sweet little town on Mingus Mountains: Jerome. I have been holding these gatherings for 15 years. How to approach the land was shown to me by elders, and this is how I share with others. As with everything I do it will be in a wholistic way. Day 1- Cedar, South, Physical/Earth. Making the offerings and prayers to the land. Day 2- West, Sage, Emotion, Introspection. Day 3- North, Sweetgrass, clearing the mind. Day 4- East, Tobacco, Spirit. If inspired to participate be prepared to surrender to the intensity of the red rocks. This land assists to bring up suppressed feelings, all kinds of issues. It is the blessing of the land. I suggest flying into Phoenix a few days before and shuttling into Sedona where an affordable rental car may be made waiting. When the group is formed, upon permission I will share emails so you may share lodging and transportation. The four days will be from before sunrise to 4:00 each day. A fluid and intuitive movement around a hiking schedule. There are many great restaurants and health food stores in Sedona for evening fun. The ability to hike moderate climbing is required. Feel free to email with questions.


Rose Canino

Rose Canino I have attended three travel journey’s to the Sedona area that were lead by Illia and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested. Illia works intuitively with a lighthearted spirit which makes the experience fun while simultaneously allowing for deep healing and spiritual growth. Illia has a wealth of knowledge about the sacred landscape of the red rocks and I was taken to many magical places (on many levels) with her guidance. Illia is clear in her intent and because of this so many unexpected adventures flowed into our experience including meeting kindred friends, spontaneous ceremonies that brought me to my knees, and deep connection with nature.

Rose and Illia in Sedona

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