Sacred Geometry- how does this relate to Sexuality?

Here is a visual how the five platonic solids (building blocks of creation) nest, making what is called Metatron’s Cube. From here lets look at the beginning. How the formations began. Visualize in 3D.

Day 1 represents the Vesica Picses. The concentration of energy from the center where from the next formation is born. From here we may better know the Flower Of Life. Again visualize the geometry from a 3D perspective. It helps to begin with the five platonic solids as seen above. Note the second sphere that contains the Flower Of Life. This is significant to the creation process here on Planet Earth.

A perfect container to evolve within. As we see in Day 2- the 2 become ONE (center) then the expansion occurs. This is how sexuality is born and evolves. We become male or female (with few exceptions) when the creation process divides. From here we develop with specific hormonal components. The hormones are produced by the endocrine system, and are interconnected within the body. From healthy hormone function (which requires raw protein, enzymes and trace minerals on a physical level) emotional movement (absence of emotional blocks) the energy produced during orgasm moves through the system via the endocrine/chakra/spineĀ  creating a circulating lingam within the energy system (electrical) for both male and female. With healthy continuation this system feeds all of the subtle bodies, resulting in a vibrant state of being. When we combine the sexual energies with another being, we are giving and receiving all that we are. This sharing has a lingering effect as the sexual fluids are concentrated with consciousness. Creation.

Chakra visual from Harish Johari- I highly recommend his books-

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