What determines the ‘sacred feminine’?

In my early years of transmuting, I was faced with layers of imbalance in relation to the masculine/feminine energies both within and external.

Forgiving the past few thousand years hasn’t been easy. The memories of being burned at the stake on at least 3 occasions, as a heretic woman leaves a searing scar in the soul memory. We bring these memories to some degree with us into the current incarnation. We have everything with us now to find the patterns that need to be released. The memory, the emotion, the word patterns.

So, back to the sacred feminine. Finding the connections to the earth, clearing communications with the earth (removal of personal limitations of intuition), result in a flow of energy that is present and connected to the sun. The sun is connected to the great central sun, the source of creative energy in pure, natural flow.

The simplest way to connect and remain connected consciously is to practice the meditation of the heart. Move attention to the torroidal field around the physical heart. From here we practice the art of surrender. You will hear a sound, a vibration. It may be overwhelming. Move into the sound. Allow the part of us that desires connection to be moved into the sacred space. You will experience the darkness. Love this space.

From here gently command ‘let there be light’.

In this sacred space, connection with pure awareness (no judgement) exist.

This space within the human body is the black hole of dimensional levels, and has a universal fail safe. Love

When we have forgiven enough of our transgressions, the participation in the experiment that was harmful in some way, whether conscious or unconscious of effects, it is then we have the power to enter this space. Here great service is rendered. Grace prevails.

The sacred feminine energy has been decreed in a multitude of ways. Basically, it is the movement of energy, the allowing, the surrendering around awareness.

Below, above, beside in the four directions and within.

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  1. Thank you Ilia, from Australia:))
    I have just stumbled across Drunvalo’s heart meditation a few days ago and found my way to your teaching. You are right when you said that it was time for you to come out and teach the greater world. You are right on! xx


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