What we resist persists. A famous statement, spoken by Jung and many others. What does this mean? In Body Electronics and subsequently The Gnostic Way, we measure levels of resistance in electrical terms. It (the thought and emotion)can be measured in the body.

Resistance is anything less than love.

Wholistically speaking, we have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resistance.

Levels of resistance found allow access to what is required to transmute it.


This access increases as we move resistance out of the bodies.

If we continue to hold our pain and trauma in a state of judgement, we are perpetuating more of the same.

How do we transcend this?

Physically- Stillness, Breath, amping cellular capacity through nutrition and ceasing unhealthy habits.

Emotionally- with the Three Powers

Mentally with the Light of Transmutation

Spiritually with the guidance of Intuition and the power of asking/ surrender.

Active internal listening.

Consciousness change through applied transmutation.

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