One race of humans having an experience on planet earth. This is called the rainbow race. Not because of skin colour. This reflects the frequency at which we vibrate.

Seeing reactions to simple mind control techniques that have been deployed systematically over the past few months in 2020, makes me realize that we as humans have a lot of work to do.

Here is the rule of thumb. If we look within and find ANYTHING LESS THAN LOVE, we have a duty to transform and transmute.

When choosing people to be around, base it on vibration.

Lets grow up globally in conscious awareness.

Watch for word patterns that escape the mouth. Hear the repetition, and delete them. Practicing the removal of mass induced ideas, words and emotion are ways in which we become more conscious and sovereign.

The rainbow reflects the electromagnetic spectrum of LIGHT VIBRATION that we are manifest upon here on earth.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

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