Announcement: PURGE THE POISON

We are in a global ‘healing crisis’ . This allows us to see suppressed ‘poison‘.

Poison that was hidden. This may be expressed physically (parasites/ fungus/metals/drug residue/toxins etc.), emotionally (addictions), mentally (attachments) or spiritually (entities).

Unconsciousness rules our thought, word, emotion and behaviour until we move critically into self responsibility.

We have been hosts for energies, entity’s and programmed behaviour unconsciously, and now with the great ‘awakening’, a mass opportunity for change (in the right direction) is upon us.

How we process unconsciousness, is PARAMOUNT to the unfolding and transmutation of unconsciousness.

Projection is a total lack of self responsibility and loops us back into programmed patterns.


It is important to be aware of anything coming out of us, verbally or energetically. Evolutionary change of consciousness occurs with every act of transmutation.

Covert non action also perpetuates patterns of repetition. By remaining silent when we know we should speak.

For those of us who choose elevation of consciousness, speak with truth for truth’s sake.


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