Pure intent is not a static notion, it is the energy without agenda in any given moment. This comes clearer as the student of life, roots out the resistance patterns within duality as they surface. These patterns are often beneath the surface of conscious awareness, yet with steadfast inner seeking, clarity ensues. We see the myriad of ways in which our minds and emotion have created patterns of survival, security, power and control or justification and avoidance. As we truly transmute in the powers of forgiveness, gratitude and love we make clearer the way for pure intent.

Feel WHAT we feel with Love.

The honest feeling accompanied with the gratitude of feeling it, no matter how painful, is willingness to change. A stepping stone into greater awareness.

Awareness comes with clarity of mind and emotion. This is realized by removal of the inner obstacles.

The balance, the harmony, the joy we seek is present always. Sometimes just beneath a pattern that no longer serves a purpose.

Make it happen/let it happen simultaneously, while encompassing with the energies of the three powers.

Consciousness change is a spiritual practice.

Physical principles of stillness and unceasing breath fuel the capacity for the surfacing of emotion.

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