The looping of thought and emotion begins with projection. This has complexities that are touched on here. If you are keen to delve into this deeply see the Logic In Sequence series free on this site.

Projection is as potent as the emotional level it is coming from. For those of you who have studied and contemplated complexities found within the emotional body, and have seen the construct I teach of the 7 levels within 7 levels you have reference to what I am speaking.

From the levels of unconsciousness and apathy, the projections will be weak, as will the effect. This is a universal fail safe, for as we are evolving, we get to have the appropriate power behind our thoughts and emotion. In grief, the general memory begins to come through, and the individual senses and feels at a deeper level. This expresses itself as general memory with a sense of victimhood.

When we reach the crossroads in fear, we are learning the evolutionary movement that is formulated in willingness, lovingness, forgiveness and gratitude. This pushes us upward into the thymus, where the personal connections, relations are seen and resolved, providing we are actively participating in the transmutation process.

This challenges us to greater levels of participation in the transmutation process. Here great opportunity for clearing pathways both physical and emotional abound, leading us eventually to the thyroid which resonates with our power and control. Remember this happens on each and every level in the 7×7. As we dissolve the patterns we find, we regenerate that portion of our consciousness.

When we have moved the energy through 28 levels, embracing fearful pain with loving enthusiasm, the shift of awareness comes radically at the level of anger. The inner vision is being restored, memory clear and in technicolour, both awake and in dream time. The ‘its all about me’ pattern comes front and center. The ‘my way’ seems prominent until we reach the painful level of anger at level 34.

When in painful anger, we see others perspective’s much more clearly, which leads the willing to deepening levels of self forgiveness.

Self discipline, self control, on the spot transmutation is kept active and alive. Projections at this level and above become very powerful. The loop from unchecked and misused projections boomerang until we integrate the power and control.

Then on to pain. Here deep compassion is strengthened. Loving our personal pain, allows a clearer inner vision to dream and pray.

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