1. Work through the flow sheet completing main endocrine, spinal and organ points.

2. Practice principles in daily life.

3. Practice nutrient saturation.

4. Study; How We Heal, Logic In Sequence 1-3, The Body Electronics Experience.

5. Attend regular online tutorials. First one begins January 2022. Date TBA

6. Practice stillness and unceasing breath daily.

7. Release self medicating substance and behaviour.

8. Have silver amalgams removed by a skilled dentist.

9. Observe yourself consistently.

10. Question.

11. Refine food choices.

12. Sleep and exercise well.

13. Be increasingly aware of your Internal Divine Essence.

The Instructor’s Course will be 4 weeks, reduced from 6, as many lectures will be given prior. Preparing for the B.E. Instructor’s Course is a deep commitment to your own growth. Cranial Electronics is part of the Instructor’ course.

Week 1- Health and the Human Mind, Pointholding, Nutrition

Week 2- Principles, Iridology, Pointholding

Week 3- Cranial Electronics

Week 4- Consciousness, Responsibilities of an Instructor, Celebration.

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