Patterns are born and perpetuated by habitual resistance of our creation.
We create our reality through the filters of judgement, fueled by emotion- albeit mostly unconsciously.
We resist the outcome through avoidance numbed by the pseudo security of denial. As a global society we are addicted to denial.
So we pretend with our self and each other. The healing crisis is the conscious unraveling of the beliefs.. denial.. addictions.etc.
Lovingly and willingly endure ALL things begins the process. The task to unravel the suppression within the emotional body begins.
Willingness to FEEL… feel whatever WITH Love~ with Forgiveness- with Gratitude.
When consciously and continuously applied, we live in greater degrees of freedom, conscious awareness.
No Time like the Present.
World Peace- a harmonious co-operative global society based in natural law, requires consciousness change.

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