Patterns of the collective unconscious is collectively surfacing. If one has resided in griefy fear, the atmosphere is ripe for coming upscale to griefy anger. Doug Morrison used to lecture on missed opportunities. Projecting emotion outwardly into our environment instead of attending to the inner work is missing great opportunity.

The world has been given the components for a potential mass healing crisis. For those of you that have the knowledge of how consciousness moves swiftly upscale, please do all you can to assist the collective unconscious by attending to the inner work.

No it isn’t usually much fun, nor does it attract attention, or gain you friends or influence. What it is, is service. Real and True.

I implore you to make time now. Not next week, next month or next year.

If mass human consciousness can move up and out of the emotional victim, we have a shot at being a healthy global community.

Here is some study on the emotional body, if new to the work.

Any of you who have experienced my Intensives, know how helpful it may be to have others to stimulate emotional/mental patterns for our perusal and edification. A mass healing crisis has this effect.

Blessings upon your progress.

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