Or more specifically, the resisted patterns within duality. Let look briefly at duality itself. The brain is an excellent way to view it.  The ‘opposite’ and the ‘same’ simultaneously, requiring several factors to be harmonious for function. Patterns of thought, that are held outside of time and space (energy), yet are also functions of the physical brain, require harmony. This is to say- non resistance. There is dualistic basis to all thought within the human brain. When we look for the patterns while practicing Body Electronics, we find the self created memory that has not yet been harmonized, due to exclusion (judgement) to some degree of ‘the other side’. These memories often arise as trauma, yet not always. We may be perpetuating a seemingly non traumatic pattern, since it seems not to be painful or causing harm, these patterns may be more difficult to find. I recall a word pattern that arose early in my B.E. experience, ‘im not good enough’- so eventually after several intense sessions finding many times i had ‘not been good enough’, i found ‘the other side’. I am good enough. There was as much or more resisted patterning within ‘this side’. So i worked on that, (transmutation), eventually after both sides were somewhat free of resistance (emotional body), i was then able to bring them together within the mental body. This took a couple years as I recall, and still dregs of this pattern surface now and again…i suspect morphogenic resonance will keep me working. So, vice or virtue- find them, work with them, and free yourselves. Resistance is anything less than pure unconditional love.

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