I am watching the arising patterns both individual and collective. I imagine B.E. Veterans the world over practicing in their homes. No reverie, just pure service. Service first to self, then to family, surrounding community, country and world. In this order. Transmute dear ones who have studied and practiced, and have the willingness to do so. It has come to a collective chaos, and within this lies great opportunity for change. Let’s make this change in the upscale direction. The outcome has not yet been determined. If we get to work now, and I don’t mean ruminating over texts and opinions. I am speaking of finding the emotion, the words and full sensory memory and applying the transmutation skills we have been taught. If you were not trained, the best you can do now is self study (lots of material on this site), and pray for a time when we may be practicing again in groups. The work of the Gnostic Way is the internal action required for permanent consciousness change. Yes, one person has a tremendous effect…..10, 100, 1000, a virus of Love Light and Perfection. Find the patterns. Love them to the void.

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