I woke this morning with a deep realization that I had not been owning my nature. I had allowed tiny vestiges of belief to remain. Some must have dissolved in dream time. I see that false humility was one strand. A belief that the power of the universe is somehow, even slightly separate.

I see how I unconsciously believed I needed more time to become a better human before embracing more fully the natural power of connection.

Amazing to me, that what I have been taught, integrated and applied has just the right moment in which it is more fully realized.

‘Through true repentance (forgiveness/love) man reaches Maharloka (the ‘great world’). No longer subject to the influence of ignorance, he attains a clean heart. He enters the NATURAL caste of the Brahmanas (“knowers of Brahma”). Then humanity becomes able to comprehend the Spiritual Light, Brahma, the Real Substance in the universe. Not merely reflecting but manifesting Spiritual Light,we rise to the kingdom of God (universal consciousness). Abandoning the vain idea of his (her) separate existence, he enters Satyaloka, wherein he attains the state of final release or Kaivalya, oneness with Spirit.
-Sri Yukteswar

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