The pineal is a small yet mighty gland of the brains endocrine system.

In Yogic knowing it is considered the hub of the third eye. An energetic culmination of spiritual connection.

In The Gnostic Way we see the pineal as the emotion center of enthusiam. A word that comes from the Greek language ‘enthus’, translated into spirit within. In the emotional body that is directly linked to the physical. We experience enthusiasm following the transmutation of emotional pain. This occurs on each of the seven levels as we traverse the chakras upward evolutionary movement. Each time we master a level, we have the symptoms of increased creativity, seeing ourself and our environment as one wholistic system. This dramatically increases with each new emotional level.

Practice the transmutation principle- Feel WHAT you feel with LOVE, GRATITUDE & FORGIVENESS.

Another symptom of freedom is a natural inclusion, thinking of others before oneself. Not to the exclusion of self, this could be a sign of compusive service, or hidden agenda’s. I am speaking of a natural spiritual discernment that occurs when the pineal opens further and further with each new level of emotion. I speak consistently of the emotional body, for its immense importance to the freedom of mind and body.

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