The practice of Body Electronics requires nutrient saturation well in advance of Pointholding.This years B.E. Pointholding Intensive with Illia is being held on Salt Spring Island, August 12-16.

Here is a basic list with some additions.

1. Enzymes

a) Superfood Enzymes from Enzymes International- or any brand with a good protease, amalase, lipase content- best result before meals.

b) Serrapeptase- I have been using this with excellent results at bedtime with a magnesium/zinc/B6 formula.There are studies that indicate the absorption of serrapeptase is more efficient with zinc.

2. Minerals

Coenzyme Colloidal Minerals

a) Liquid Minerals from EI

b) Mineral Caps also from EI 

3. Raw Protein- (all necessary amino acids) see The Body Electronics Experience for info.

4. Essential Fatty Acids

5. Probiotics

These 5 are the basic nutrients required for digestion, assimilation of nutrients, hormone production, electrical connection and the nutrient supply required for regeneration. There are many more in addition, such as liquid chorophyll, north altantic kelp, zeolite clay (food grade).

I give specific suggestions during a Wholistic Consultation which may be done online.


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