We are living now, in the culmination of well over 100 years of chemical industry. It has brought many advancements, yet has led us away from nature. This comes with great expense.

Nature has 5 main elements.






These elements work as one unified field.

When we attempt to recreate, to better or replace nature, it is destined to fail.

Now, if we are to maintain human biology on this planet, we must strive to unravel the ways in which we strayed away from natural law.

This is a great awakening, whereby we release the ways in which we disrespected our nature. This is going to take dedication and perseverance.

I created The Gnostic Way for this time. To assist the willing, the humble, the hearts of humanity that are throbbing with the desire for change.

Do everything in your power now to remain as natural as possible.

This imperative makes it easier for transmutation to take place.

Many are speaking on terrain theory vs. germ theory. Let’s look at this is terms of the human soul. Our soul is our culmination. Past, present and future. Practising transmutation in the present, makes evolutionary progress.

Eventually we pierce the veil of ‘natural law’, making way for ‘supernatural’ law.

Germ theory may be equated with externalization of possibilities. These energies may infiltrate the internal where we invite, make way or develop the environment that attracts or resonates with external energies. One way this happens is when we resist the external, that we participated in creating.

Often by taking a position of righteous indignation. Opposition.

We have much to release.

Be as resonant with the natural world, which begins with the body (physical principles).

Draw the line on unnatural substance entering the body, unless it is keeping the body from death, such as insulin.

When we realize where we erred, from here we can move to amend.

From the inside out.

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