Words are things that create construct for understanding. I will apply the wholistic construct to look at ways in which we live according to natural law. I heard the elder Dave Courchene say ‘natural law is not negotiable’. I like that. So, With every action there is an equal reaction. a theory of Plato. This may be seen in physics as the electromagnetic field. A great visual of this is the yin/yang symbol seen as a sphere, and moving in a toroidal field. So, we know that everything is energy. When I searched¬† natural law, there were thoughts of moral and ethical ideas that then applied to a religious or government body. This is not what I am speaking of. I am looking at the wholistic components to life, and how everything interconnects. We know that everything in the night sky exists within an electromagnetic universe. And we know that all is interconnected. The human body is a great example. After conception the heart is the first physical part of the human body to manifest. The heart has the strongest electromagnetic pulse throughout life. From here the points of connection to this complex electricity’s, is the endocrine system and the spine. The chemical components of hormones beginning with the reproductive system flow in a interconnected way. They need each other. This creates electromagnetic pulses within the endocrine- gonads, spleen, adrenals, pancreas, heart, thyroid/parathyroid, pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus. In this complex system the emotional body is connected. The mental body is connected to the endocrine system in the brain, which is the second strongest electromagnetic pulse in the body. From here a toroidal field is created around the entire body. This field is connected to the magnetic pulse of the EARTH. This is the foundation for natural law, in a wholistic construct. The earth’s electromagnetic field is connected with the sun and the moon, as well as the other planets in our solar system. From here we are directly electromagnetically connected with the milky way galaxy. Gravity exists as a perfect example. All thought, word and emotion effect this field. This is the microcosmic way we as humans interface with the macrocosmic forces of natural law. In Body Electronics we look to transmute any resisted experience still held in the wholistic system of body, emotion/mind and spirit. In doing so, we effect change in the macrocosm. It is an arduous path, yet one well worth it.

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