7 Direction Medicine Wheel~ Part 1

The Medicine Wheel is a physical representation of spiritual energy that is ever evolving.

What is the purpose of building and caring for a Medicine Wheel?  To deepen awareness of the connection with the Earth. Through this we become more and more aware of our connections with all life everywhere. This conscious awareness inspires one to heal in a wholistic way, as we begin to see the effect of each individual consciousness within the whole.

~ Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual~

As you begin, make your prayer to ask Earth for permission. Then ask for guidance for the gathering of the Stones, and where to place the Wheel.

This is a commitment of healing between you and the Earth.

All is consciousness expressed. The Stones are condensed rich history contained in mineral combinations. Alive, and evolving energy/spirit.

The directions within the Sacred Hoop are interconnected.

 A Medicine Wheel may be made indoors or out, using a large or small space. It is the surrender to one’s self that is powerful, accompanied with what I call the three powers; Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love. As we move around our wheel we learn and grow to be increasingly loving, toward ourselves and then naturally to others.

1. Clear yourself inside and out.  Clear the mind, the emotion and the body. Smudge with White flat leaf Sage. Clearing oneself is an ongoing practice, with increasing awareness we find deeper and deeper levels to clear.

Refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, heavy foods, etc. a minimum of four days before and after Ceremony.

2. Make the Prayer for a Good Ceremony.  Offer Tobacco with Prayer, offered to the South- the Earth.

3. Gather the Stones~ Ask for guidance and tune in to the intuition.

4. Clear the space you have been shown to place the wheel, by burning some white flat leaf Sage, with prayer of guidance.

5. Obtain a compass. Mark true North, and mark the other directions from this. Find Center. Begin here. Lay the Center Stone.

6. With the South Stone, walk from Center.

7. Place It with Cedar and Prayer, asking for the way to be made clear with loving guidance.Medicine Wheel 021

The South is related to the Physical/Earth. In reverence we ask the Helpers of the South to guide us in our healing.

Represented by the colour RED, and the Red Race. 

Thank you to the doorkeepers of the South.

8.  In reverence, walk to the West and lay the West Stone~ burn the offering of Sage.

The direction of introspection. The wisdom within. Representing  the Emotional body and the element of Water. 

 Colour is Black, the Black Race. 

Thank you to the doorkeepers of the West.

9. Walk to the North~Lay the North Stone. The direction of Air and the mental body. The colour is White and the White Race.

Thank you to the doorkeepers of the North. With the offering of Sweetgrass, burn here to honour the feminine/yin/receptivity within all things.

10. To the East, place the Stone, the direction of Illumination. This direction is related to Spirit. With the offering of Tobacco Prayers.

The colour is Yellow, and the Yellow Race.

 Thank you to the doorkeepers of the East.

11. Walk the circle back around to the South making the Sacred Hoop.   Walk to the direction of Center.

Again, make your tobacco prayer and offer in reverence to the earth to receive healing and guidance. Look to the direction of Below (into the center of the Earth) and

Above (center of Sun). See the Octahedron within the energetic sphere of the Wheel.

Center- South- West- North- East- South- Center-

Below- Above- Center~

Gratitude to the Keepers of the seven directions.


medicine wheel 153

medicine wheel 155WEST 

medicine wheel 156NORTH

medicine wheel 158



medicine wheel 160

Keeping a Medicine Wheel, and experiencing the teachings given from the Wheel requires tending, like a garden or keeping a friendship alive and healthy.

An energetic sphere is generated from the Medicine Wheel. A spherical energy is created around the Wheel,  extending out from the Center- the pranic tube of the wheel that reaches to the center of the earth and sun. Keep the Medicine Wheel ALIVE by paying attention, meditating, praying and offering the burning of the Sacred Plant Medicine with LOVE~ for the healing of our self (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), our family, ancestors, our neighbors, our community, humanity, extraterrestrial life.


Indoor/ Travel- Medicine Wheel

The attitude/intent with which the Wheel is constructed is important.

Asking in humility for permission and guidance, given and received with Love.

Inside MW 013

Feel the Sacred Presence of Nature.

Connect with the center of the Earth, ask for Healing within the Sacred Hoop.

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual.

Receive the healing in gratitude.




See Medicine Wheel 2

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