Lovingly and willingly endure is a great place to start the emotional transmutation process. Whether this is with memory or in a experience. This does not mean, inactivity. For example, if we need to remove ourselves from a situation that is harmful, then we do it while we lovingly and willingly endure. This is conscious non resistance.

  As we inevitably (with commitment and perseverance) move up the scale of emotions, we will begin to discover more and more parts of our self we were previously unaware of, this is progress.

We find more and more of the SENSORY MEMORY/ WORD PATTERN/EMOTIONALTY that had been stored in the unconscious. This eventually results in becoming aware of pain stored in the wholistic body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The required willingness to re-experience and release increases, as one goes upscale through all the bodies in reverse order.

 It is important to go within, study and prepare through meditation, stillness and breath (three part breath).

Check in with your self while on the table (or off).  Am I willing for the pain to increase (physical, emotional, mental), last as long as necessary, forever? Stretch the willingness.

Access Forgiveness. True repentance, requires FEELING, really feeling forgiveness to self and sometimes others. This takes practice.

Feel Love. Enthusiastically feel.

Gratitude may be expressed in words, but without feeling, the energy of gratitude the transmutation isn’t active. 

During table work, keep gratitude close as deeper levels of emotion surface.

Practice feeling Forgiveness, Love & Gratitude, and it will make it much easier to access when on the table, sometimes during excruciating burning searing pain.

“May the burning fire of the kundalini purify every vestige of blocked activity that the soul may return to its capacity to choose oneness with the creator” JWR

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