Justification is a state of consciousness that loops in the body below the level of fear/heart/thymus in all seven levels on the scale of emotion. This manifests itself in excuses, reason, avoidance, denial.

FEEL WHAT WE FEEL (to release it) WITH LOVE 

When we work tenaciously to move the energy into and beyond the level of the fear, we find an increase in the purification process.

As we steadily and continuously work through the purification (HC) on the inner process (transmutation), we slowly yet surely see opportunities to assist others in their unfoldings.

True sanctification is extended silently. There is no fan fare. I know who has helped me along the way in the spiritual journey. They may have given me many verbal teachings, yet the boosts that were received, came from the vast realms of spirit.

These are not common blessings.

What I am speaking of is when one has cleared the emotional/mental pathway to some degree, it allows unconditional spiritually energy (love) to facilitate an other’s process. This happens naturally.

We can hold healing space for another to the degree we have cleared our own resistance. Simply by witnessing without resistance.

Seeing infinite potential, while supporting the Healing Crisis to present, move and release. We can do this with ourselves as well. It is a deep state of willingness to be perfectly OK with what IS, while simultaneously encompassing perfection.

I give thanks to the willingness to be in selfless service. Both given and received.

Lovingly and willingly endure all things.

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