Line In The Sand

You can see by the work I have shared over the last 30+ years, that transmutation is at it’s core. Looking the programs and patterns directly in the face, for the opportunity to change.

There is plateaus within this evolutionary process. Here is where we draw the ‘line in the sand’. What is this exactly? This is where we do not allow the corruption of the energy we have gained though conscious change. No one or nothing, may disrupt, disturb, distract from the uprising of evolving consciousness.

Within this process we face our sorrow, in order to unveil Joy.

We do not ignore sorrow, or linger in it, we see it, feel it, and allow it to be loved.

We are individual souls, who by our conscience, navigate our futures.

Each and every moment.

With word, with thought, with emotion. Energy made manifest.

I am perfectly ok drawing the line in the sand, for energies that seek to corrupt beauty, love, peace, trust, truth and harmony.

Stand in true power. In The Gnostic Way we call this ‘holding the light’.

Move gracefully in reverence.

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