Jane Brown was a exceptional Body Electronics mentor and friend. She passed in 2012 at the age of 94. We shared many years of B.E. Intensives, sharing motel rooms and visiting her at her home In Harrisburg PA. Jane was ever present, a great listener and a great teacher, full of compassion. Here is one of her stories on expectation.

Jane had been diagnosed with macular degeneration in her 60’s. When I met her in her 80’s she could no longer drive, but managed very well with what she described as looking though a hole, with no peripheral vision. Jane was acutely aware of her resistance to this loss of sight, and attempted to release it during Pointholding. She would get on the table, give it her all in transmuting what came up. Yet, she said her first thought when opening her eyes at the end of a session would be to check to see if her eye sight had improved. She laughed as she said, in looking back over 30 years of B.E., everything in her body healed and she experienced excellent health in every other aspect, except for her eye sight. As she described it, it was in her oversight of not releasing expectation to outcome, that kept the resistance between her and her sight.

Jane never gave up, her tenacity was unwavering.

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