Power & Control- Gateways to the Ascension Of Consciousness-Or Not

We seek not to be controlled in outer circumstances.

We equate this with freedom.

Yet in truth we see through the lens of resistance. Everything less than love.

How much control does it take to ascend in consciousness? How much non resistance to our own power and control is necessary for consciousness change?

If you have studied my work you know power and control reside in the emotion of anger. Resonating with the thyroid and parathyroids.

This is discovered in each of the 7 major levels of emotion, increasing in awareness as kundalini is brought upward, following conscious evolution.

When we move to the throat, with thyroid and parathyroid as the hormonal, physical center of anger, we face more thoroughly the many aspects of resistance to power and control that we hold personally. We find these in surfacing memory (thought/vision), words and emotion.

It is with perseverance we make our way through this level. Many touch upon it and then move back into fear. Many are seduced by anger and stay there for a long time, in the seduction of it’s projection of false power onto the hologram . Here we practice many aspects of manipulation, getting what we want, controlling others, covertly then overtly. Eventually we choose to move into how we created pain, where amends are made, both to self and others internally or we cycle back into lower levels of awareness.

Until we have the impetus to transmute the resistance developed around power and control, we cycle the patterns. This is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it.

Make it happen/let it happen becomes the guiding light of awareness to move through the layers here.

Observe yourself to find where covert and overt anger resides in you. Hear the words, watch the thought, feel the emotion. Transmute. It took me years to reach nirvana states of awareness within anger.

Eventually as we move the suppressed trauma, comfortable patterns, manipulations of ourselves and others, we move into deeper emotional aspects.

This takes courage, as the next emotion in the kundalini movement is pain. WholisticallyPhysical Emotional Mental Spiritual

The willingness to continue to look within, find resistance and truly transmute it, is ascension of consciousness.

Time is up.

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