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1 Day Introductory Workshop- THE GNOSTIC WAY Level 1This is lecture, Q&A only.

2 Day Workshop- THE GNOSTIC WAY Level II The table work begins.

  1. Change of consciousness is an internal self motivated, self responsible practice.
  2. Are you willing to upgrade your nutrition?
  3. Are you willing to study and prepare.

The Gnostic Way Introductory Course BookletExcerpt

Calcifications are encoded with thought patterns, word patterns and emotion that are held in a state of continual creation.

Changing our inner patterns of thought are integral to life style changes.
We undo/ uncreate from the
inside out.

We dissolve the patterns through application
of transmutation as we become aware of the
thought patterns, word patterns and emotionality. We reexperience
the encoding of the crystal /calcification. This is where opportunity to
release the emotionality with the associated word patterns and
sensory experience (memory) occurs. With the transmuting power of
enthusiastic love/forgiveness/gratitude.

As we move emotionally upscale, the mental body makes itself increasingly known.

The physical body is the doorway to the emotional and mental bodies, supported by the physical foundation; nutrition, hormonal activity, breath and stillness.

Inner Work -On the Table

This is where the inner essence is viewed and transmutation
applied, while sustained acupressure is applied.
During a session the pressure/stimuli to break down crystalline

formations that hold the memory, accompanied with facilitation aids in the
ability to access our unique past. It is our ‘job’ on the table to
find what’s there, and work with it. We hold acupressure points and have our points held equally.
Being perfectly still and breathing deep and regular are the first
principles to apply. (if we are on the table we are already
nutritionally prepared).
Intensifying and encompassing with Love and Forgiveness
leads to consciousness change within the emotional body.

Physical sensations we may feel while on the table range from
numbness, electricity, throbbing, aching, pain, vibrations, heat
and cold. When we feel these sensations we intensify them to
get to the fullness of memory, emotion and words, in the
everpresent now where we are given the opportunity to apply the

Enthusiastically feel with Love and allow it to release out of the body.
Life can be a session, when we have the commitment to see,
feel and find the words associated in the moment of resistance, without avoidance

If we are aware of opportunities to transmute in daily lives (they
are all around us), we can also transmute/change
Self-responsibility increases and we get to the place where we
can ‘work’ internally on releasing patterns of resistance as they
are presented in daily life for conscious observation. Seeing
experience as an opportunity to see what is there, what is less
than Love, and change it within.
Lovingly and willing experience.

As we inevitably (with commitment and perseverance) move
up the scale of emotions, we will begin to discover more and
more parts of our self we were previously unaware of, this is the
point. We will find more and more of the SENSORY MEMORY/ WORD
PATTERN/EMOTIONALiTY that had been stored
unconsciously. This eventually results in becoming aware of the
pain stored in the bodies; physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual. The required willingness to experience and release
increases, as one goes upscale through the scale of emotional in reverse
order as it was created and experienced.
To study and prepare
nutritionally, practice stillness and unceasing breath, assists greatly when on the table. for more information

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