3 Replies to “Announcement: THE BODY ELECTRONICS EXPERIENCE”

  1. I love, agree and resonate with every single word in your booklet (47 pages). Wonderful how you know about stones! Awesome! Even a bible scripture agrees with you on stones, something that Jesus said when the people were shouting Hosanna and laying palm fronds down for him to walk over on the ‘nursing mother donkey with her colt’ (Matthew 21:6, a Zechariah prophecy; completely and totally opposite of a military event coming in to display the new leader) that carried him, saying to those that wanted to stop the people from singing and dancing and shouting, how if the people had not celebrated as they were doing, that the stones themselves would have! 🙂

    1. I interpret the quote as saying; there was so much energy to be released, if it hadn’t been released, the outer environment would have been effected.

      1. So nice to find my way back to this, and yes, our environment is definitely energetic, with all of it’s physical upheavals within the earth, especially as the Greek called the earth Gaia and worshiped her as a female deity and one of her parents name meant ‘chaos’. There is a lot of truth to these metaphorical teaching stories, in giving character to all that is life-giving, and I do believe we are definitely responsible for how we treated the earth, this metaphorical mother for humankind.

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