Into The Womb Sessions with Illia.

This is a inner process of self healing.

Illia applies acupressure and facilitates, while the client goes within to become aware of patterns of thought and emotion that are based in resistance/ unresolved trauma.  This form of processing requires preparations as outlined in the booklet below. How We Heal by Douglas Morrison is suggested reading as well. These sessions are for people with a deep willingness to change, and to be self responsible physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The release of emotional trauma may reduce addictive habits and behaviours by removing the root cause. Since nutritional factors play a key role in the ability to access emotion, nutritional upgrades are highly recommended.

 Illia brings over 30 years of experience in the field of wholistic health and consciousness to the table.  Illia teaches a work called The Gnostic Way. She is a certified Body Electronics Instructor, holds a degree in Ayurveda and has witnessed hundreds of clients get healthy.  See her Bio for more information.


 “Illia provides a nurturing and safe container in which I felt very supported to be open and vulnerable, enabling me to do some very deep and profound inner work. She is very gentle and communicative, and at the same time, carries a great power and fire to encourage one to explore their own personal limitations and shadow. I have attended several healing Intensives and worked in private sessions with Illia. I would recommend Illia to any being seeking support or direction in their journey of healing and awakening. She has been and still is a bright shining beacon along my own personal path.” Christopher Schroeder- Holistic Therapist-Kauai HI 

“We come into these bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) with vibrational patterns. Realizing (becoming aware)of emotion is the first step in releasing suppressed trauma. This process requires increasing amounts of self honesty and tenacity.” Illia


To Whom It May Concern;

 Illia has been studying Body Electronics with great dedication since attending her first BE seminar with me in January 2002. Over the next several years, Illia attended over fifty  weeks of BE seminars with me. This included attendance at two complete BE Instructors seminars of five weeks duration each, as well as numerous BE Intensives. At my invitation, Illia has also assisted me in teaching several BE Intensives. Illia has also been active for the past few years teaching BE seminars to enthusiastic participants internationally. Illia also attended the four week Visualization & Consciousness seminar in 2005.  While in attendance at this advanced seminar, Illia had the experience of reaching zero ohms resistance, as measured by a sensitive galvanometer, a total of four times. This took place on two different days, and was witnessed by two separate facilitators. This is a significant milestone that has, to my knowledge, been reached by only a handful of people involved with BE over the years. For those interested in learning Body Electronics under the expert guidance of a dedicated and compassionate instructor, allow me to highly recommend that you study with Illia Heart.

Yours in Health,

Douglas W. Morrison  -Author of How We Heal

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, October 1, 2006

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