Water allows for great inspirations, as it conducts electricity. Water has consciousness, teaming with life. I have made bathing a ritual in my life for over 30 years. When doing deep emotional work, I find bathing a necessary support. Most recently spent almost 7 years living on an island in the Pacific. Now inland with fresh water and hot springs in abundance.

Inspirations come to me when in water. Connections to the earth are strengthened. Electricity of the heart, brain, reproductive systems are balanced. The torroidal field that is moving though us, develops electromagnetic strength. This has not been of greater importance as now, as we face increasing electromagnetic pollution. Water is our ally. It is a generous life force. Be one with water.

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  1. Nothing like the energy of fresh water flowing from a natural force. I loved sailing off the Maine coast and working as a white water rafting guide in Colorado. Skinny dipping in cold mountain streams was invigorating as well. Is the spiral in the photo a natural occurrence or is it manmade?

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