The processing/releasing of trauma begins with a willingness to change. Practically it means the willingness to feel and be present as ‘things’ surface. Keeping a check on our reaction to making ‘it’ stop, fixing it, justification or any other way we may attempt avoidance. Tenaciousness is required to look within, to be present to our thoughts, words and emotion. Making time each day to ‘meditate’ with our inner self, our individual consciousness is a great habit to cultivate. At times we may ‘see’ or feel another persons process. This is natural, in group work this can be used to go deeper, yet minding our own internal business is a good rule of thumb.

Internal observation is brought forth through stillness. With this stillness (no voluntary movement), in combination with breath work and nutrient availability, we allow the suppressed emotion to rise into awareness where it may then be released through the powers of transmutation. The inner consciousness (creative aspects) may be referred to as Yang, the outer manifestation Yin. Compassion both inner and outer kept readily available when undergoing change of consciousness is imperative.

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