Here I attempt to describe in limited language the multidimensional aspects of inner vision. Use your innate capacity to hear and see the complexities.

We are presently experiencing a mass healing crisis, whereby it is not possible to bury our collective heads in the sand any longer.

Many reel to retain balance.

The majority here in Canada are choosing to live the lies fed through media, to abide by ‘directives’, ‘laws’ and threats by government.

In the absence of freedom of speech, inability to gather combined with mass censorship, we find ourselves at the stimulated gateway for profound individual and collective change.

The current pattern wrought with resistance, boldly expressing it’s desire for release is authority’, both inner and outer.

Find within where ‘tell me what to do’ and/or ‘don’t tell me what to do’ comes into play. Transmute!

Do not dare to hide behind the skirt of externalized authority. There is no insurance policy you can defer to when the ‘time’ of recompense arrives.

Balancing yourself on the proverbial fence is neither safe or effective.

This is our leap into the great unknown. The patterns of ‘control’ present in the resistance around ‘tell me what to do/don’t tell me what to do’, are ripe for release.

Practice ‘let it happen/make it happen’ simultaneously. This is unity in action.

Inner authority may be obscured by as much resistance as the externalized branding. Or perhaps shrouded by the demon of self righteousness, disguised as unworthiness.

Find it. Pull it up by it’s hair, look it in the face, and love it into extinction.

It is a humbling act. True humility is knowing how powerful we are.

Move every energy that is not in cohesion to the great authority of Compassionate Love.

As we continue to get more real with ourselves, the weights of delusion lift off of us revealing the nature of reality, incrementally.

We may not hide behind the curtain of unconsciousness any longer.

Collectively we shall rip it back with the enthusiasm of a child. Our lives depends upon it.

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