How Opposition Pushes Us Forward

Externalized pressure brings focus.

Wholistically speaking, consciousness resides within the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies. Through frequency of vibration.

The distinguishing factor of evolution or involution within opposition is resistance, or lack thereof.

What is the definition of resistance?

Anything less than love, this includes gratitude and forgiveness.

When we recognize resistance within an opposing situation, whether internal or external, the way through is transmutation.

If it is an individual, or group of individuals present opposition, we transmute, then let them go. Every time a thought, emotion or word pattern surfaces, we apply the practice, allowing with gratitude those beings to be released. By holding a position of opposition, we keep the duality alive.



Be Grateful

Then let it go. Let it be. Allow the transmutation to take place.

Let it happen/Make it happen simultaneously.

If you are new to consciousness change, this is the time to begin. Like everything, we get better with practice. If this is sincerely practiced evolution is guaranteed.

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