I spent the better part of ten years studying with Drunvalo Melchizedek. I traveled to Peru and Bolivia with him on the ceremonial trip of the Condor and the Eagle in 2004. He writes of this in  The Serpent of Light.

I was called to bring the Eagle feather from the North to Peru, where it resides in a bundle with the Condor feather.

Reading ‘Living In the Heart’ helps to prepare, as well as The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 & 2.

I am currently teaching one day Heart MerKaBa workshops to facilitate the awareness of the light body, the electromagnetic field around all living beings.

These are being held on Salt Spring Island. B.C., Canada. Dates TBA

Tuition- $111


I have accommodation on the workshop site for 3 people. Email me for availability and prices.

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