Body Electronics was given to me to share widely. This wholistic healing modality is shared and practiced within groups, facilitated by an Instructor. If you feel the call for consciousness change, this inner work is the hallmark for transformation.

Remove obstacles we perpetuate though repetitive programs and patterns (mostly unconsciously).

In Body Electronics we call this resistance. Anything less than unconditional love.

Experience is born and perpetuates by way of thought, that propagates emotion and word patterns. These three creative qualities calcify in unconsciousness when resisted. Hence we forget when and how we got to the obstacles. By making the unconscious conscious, through the encouragement of the Healing Crisis, we open the channels of change. Through increased levels of willingness to feel, to see what is ‘there’, and release these patterns and programs, we consistently move into ever greater awareness.

Body Electronics is not an easy process. It requires a tenacity to heal, to serve and to change.

B.E takes preparation nutritionally, as well as required reading in order to move directly into the table work at an Intensive. Application is taught by a certified Instructor. We gather in community to give and receive Pointholding at Intensives. This is a unique form of sustained acupressure that breaks down the calcification that holds the memory, the emotion and the word pattern. Here we apply the principles of transmutation to release what has been held unconsciously.

Dr. John Whitman Ray ND, the founder of B.E., stated that this work is for 1% of the population. That is a lot of people!

I call on them now.

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