Healing Crisis

 Being active participants in the unfolding of our own potentialities, begins the inner process of releasing anything less than love. The doorway through which all must pass is always open.  You choose to become different than you are now when you decide to take the journey.

The path has infinite patience, the Path of Freedom.  

We have created our present circumstances from the top down. This is to say we stepped into the four bodies sequentially; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. In the process of uncreation we go back the way we came in reverse order.

 Simplification of the Healing Crisis

– It feels worse before it feels better

-hyperactivity precedes relative level of balance.

 In the first few years of embracing the Healing Crisis, I began to see many aspects of myself I was previously unaware of.  As awareness increased I became much more aware of resistance patterns I was previously unwilling to see, and so it goes. The physical, emotional and mental aspects that come forth to be released are what we are capable of in the moment, yet at times this may feel overwhelming. We all have spiritual helpers, ask and receive in gratitude.

“In the physical body it has been discovered in every cell a nearly indestructible material which is composed of a melanin-protein complex. This is an organic computer chip full of stored memory, which acts in a stimulus- response manner. This organic computer chip determines the reaction, which is stimulated by an environmental activity. This “crystal” or stimulus- response structure is like a filtered prism, which allows only that information to pass which is programmed to pass. The receptors may be fully activated to receive environmental stimuli but the information received is programmed into reactive patterns of which the individual may or may not be aware. At best the individual is aware of the reaction but may not be aware of the stimulus that causes the reaction. Nearly all that is received at the level of the filtered prism or melanin protein complex is blocked and converted to a response pre-programmed to respond to a specific stimulus. This stimulus-response conditioned mechanism inherent within the crystal below the awareness of the individual, being’ the end result of suppressed or resisted experiences. Only a small amount of the entire electromagnetic spectrum or energy field is allowed to penetrate or gain entry to our awareness through a limited window in the organic computer chip until we individually become capable of gradually expanding the opening or window to allow more “light” to penetrate without being blocked or converted into a response which is automatic. This additional light or understanding can only come with experience. We cannot perceive something, which we are incapable of experiencing on the mental level. We cannot remember that which is in a constant state of suppression through a continuation of a state of resistance. That which is consciously suppressed or is below the level of consciousness is physiologically manifested as a stimulus-response conditioned reflex. We cannot visualize that which we have suppressed. Remember, from Chapter Three in Book One of the Logic in Sequence Series, it has been clearly indicated that pain a the capstone to memory and not until we have re-experienced on the mental level the emotional and/or physical pain, concerning a specified event, will we ever be able to have the clear ability to visualize that particular event.

We may perceive that which we have not denied or resisted, as determined by our unique hologram of thought, feeling and spoken word.

               “UNTIL MANKIND CAN EXPERIENCE ON THE MENTAL LEVEL THAT WHICH EXISTS ON THE PHYSICAL LEVEL, HE WILL BE BOUND TO THE PHYSICAL.”  John Whitman Ray- Founder of Body Electronics and author of Logic In Sequence.

We experience the mental body in relation to the transmuted emotion. This is why I continuously speak on emotion. As we move the emotion, the awareness of the mental body is made clear. From here we penetrate deeper levels of being. Deeper levels of transmutation.

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