Creation & Uncreation

Body Electronics is a template for the evolution of consciousness. As we apply the inner work of consciousness change, we discover the resonance of resistance. We observe and release energies that are holding us in a particular frequency. Thought, emotion and words are three creative vibrations we have available to produce a particular frequency. It is here that the practise of transmutation of emotion and thought profoundly effects frequency and vibration. Hence effecting the physical outcome in this holographic energetic matrix we call life.

Pages from How We Heal by Douglas Morrison

The above writings gives us practical understandings of our abilities in the creation/uncreation process.

Everything in the manifest and unmanifest realms relies on frequency and vibration. Knowing this shifts attention to the inner workings of consciousness, as this is where we have the greatest effect on change. Here we create individual frequency, as well as the ability to observe other frequencies of the interwoven web of life.

I know that is a lot.

This is where ‘defence mechanism’ naturally allows consciousness to broaden in accordance to what we can handle.

It is truly a magnificent, we could say divine process.

Willingness is always at the forefront of change. Change (removal of resistance) is at the forefront of awareness. Together we navigate through the magnificence of creation/uncreation.

What do we uncreate? Anything less than pure unconditional love.

Frequency and vibration is the foundation in which we move these energies.

Dan Winter’s work is good to study if you like mathematics, science and physics around frequency and vibration.

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