The work I teach has deep roots in forgiveness. While we resonate in the lower three emotions of unconsciousness, apathy and grief we do a lot of forgiving others while we actively move upscale.

When we reach fear, in the center of the body, which is the crossroads of the electromagnetic field we begin to turn the forgiveness inward to self. By the time we reach our personal pain we are adept in self forgiveness.

Does this mean we forget? No, it means we see how we participated, and make better choices.

I woke today in yet another ‘bad’ mood. Feeling what is there brought a kaleidoscope of life experiences both direct and observed, of women being abused, murdered, raped, manipulated, taken advantage of, by violent men. Men who refuse to face themselves. Men who perfect the illusion of facade. A man who led a christian church, who murdered his wife to have an affair with a secretary, while his 3 children were in the house. Men who seek after women with a self motivated agenda. Men must move forward emotionally for this world to change.

This change may begin with the women in your surroundings. Love them. Nurture them. Be of good service. Remove hateful and violent energy out of your mind and body, until it is released.

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