We may choose to evolve our patterns consciously, or wait until we unconsciously bring them into our reality. Pain is the capstone to memory, which occurs when we reach the pituitary in our emotional inner work. It is being present with the emotional body, as it unravels suppression. The continuous releasing of anything less than love. This creates an ongoing emotional evolution. Sounds simple, yet not always easy.

The Body Electronics Experience with Illia- The Pink Book

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  1. Illia, I’m wondering if currently you actively and regularly practice body electronics with a point holding group. If not, is there a systematic process you use to evolve your consciousness using the BE principles?

    1. Hi Frank, I do not have a pointholding group going, although it is on my list. The principles are with me always, physical- nutritional, breath, stillness- Emotional- forgiveness, love, gratitude- Mental- bringing the dualities together- Spriritual- practicing the 10 steps to perfection as best i can.

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