1. Parasite, Fungi, Bacteria, Viral

2. Radiation– Electromagnetic Pollution

3. Chemical Accumulation

4. Heavy metals

These four make us vulnerable to poor health. Detoxification must be made priority if we are to be free from the influences that this combination makes us vulnerable too.

The physical is the foundation to wholistic health.

Now that it is known that certain individuals have less than the best interest for the health of humanity, that in fact have created ways to reduce health, hidden ways to heal and even to induce death, may give us impetus to change.

Here is a start to the detoxification protocol, to reduce the vulnerability to toxic bodily influences.

Every person is unique in the ways we are vulnerable to all of the above, according to accumulations, current health, and constitution.

We are on this path of freedom as self responsible individuals, yet within the healing crisis it is helpful to have a family member, friend or trusted natural health practitioner to encourage continuation.

Begin with a good quality parasite cleanse.

Remove all sugars, wheat, corn, soy, meat, dairy, eggs, alcohol and self medicating to start.

Eat organic, non gmo, unprocessed food.

Find the best spring water you can. Drink sufficient amounts every day to open and assist the physical organs of detoxification.

Skin, bowels & urinary.

Encourage cleanliness of the liver. Burdock root and dandelion root teas.

Follow basic nutrient supplementation for Body Electronics protocol.

Detox bath every day.

Purchase the ingredients for this Ojibwe Medicine– and learn to prepare it for yourself and others.

I see clients online and in person in Nelson BC, Canada.

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