A Calling

If you have participated in my WHOLISTIC FAST of 43 days, you will have experienced Healing Crisis. This was the point. Bringing hidden patterns, emotion, attachments, entities and addiction to the surface where they may be confronted and changed. A time to detoxify. To release. To cleanse the body, then fortify it for the transmutation process.

This prepares us for deeper levels of Fasting. Finding the internal ‘Manna’.

Time of solitude, quietude, meditation, prayer, however you choose to connect to the internal, Eternal Light of Christ Consciousness. In the most natural, clean environment we can find.

Yeshua was reported as fasting for 40 days, on ‘Manna’. Bee pollen has often been referred to as ‘manna’, since it contains full spectrum amino acids. Complete protein.

When I feel the internal ‘call’ to deepen my fast, I do so with raw bee pollen and the best water I can find. Following my internal guidance for duration.

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