Empathic feelings are in degree of emotional awareness. This awareness begins as a personal unfolding. It comes from one’s own emotional body. Through awareness we begin to resonate with emotion from the external environment. This may be from any living being. A Body Electronics teaching is, this resonance comes from 3 possibilities. 1. We are currently resonating emotionally (accompanied with the corresponding patterns of thought and word) with exactly what we encounter. 2. We are resonating with the opposite.  3. We have a small amount of either to transmute. I would like to suggest a 4th possibility. The entrance into sanctification, whereby we are aware/ empathic of our surroundings, and are willing and able to offer transmutation when and where appropriate. This brings into focus the principle of ‘temperance’, the ability to recognize and apply higher and lower law appropriately.

  As we move in transmutation with our own emotional body, sensitivity increases. This allows for greater empathic abilities. When we become aware of outer emotion, we ask ourselves- ‘is this something we have a responsibility to transmute’? We rapidly discover within whether this is a stimulant to our own held emotion.

Application of transmutation.

What do we do with the emotion we are aware of? 1. Embrace/feel/allow. 2. Apply transmutational principles such as:

a; Observation

b; Receive

c; Re-experience

d; Release ( Logic In Sequence- the writings of John W. Ray are free on this site for further understandings of the above concepts)

May we embrace in gratitude our ever increasing abilities to feel, to be aware, and to Love.

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    1. why is a word we avoid in B.E., simply because it takes us into the ‘figure out mode of mind’. What we are experiencing has been individually or collectively created. Transmutation releases the energy of thought, word and emotion (usually a bit at a time) from a disharmonious pattern.

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