These terms in Body Electronics refer to the fundamental changes that take place during the process of biological transmutation. Research further in How We heal by Douglas Morrison, Biological Transmutations, beginning on page 363. Knowing the landscape of the B.E. process assists one to move swiftly and efficiently while not getting hung up on unknowns. The physical symptoms may include the vibration of regeneration, from a subtle vibration to full on shaking. When the body is transmuting simpler elements into more complex, it requires an input of energy resulting in a release. This release is felt as cold in and around the body. Transmuting more complex elements into simpler ones may be felt as heat releasing from the body. Lets look at the 49 levels of emotion in relation to this process. Unconsciousness at level 7 is simple, moving upscale toward fear becoming increasingly complex, then moving from fear to enthusiasm is going from simplicity to complexity. John Rays Book 3, The Electrification Of Matter delves deeply into the subject. See in Doug’s book how hormones and nutrition play roles in this important process.

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