“In emotion lies the doorways to great change.Illia Heart

Asking is paramount to change. Change of consciousness requires several aspects- it begins with formulating a question to ones self. Where do I begin?

Suppression is held in the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual unconscious. As the suppression gradually releases to the emotional awareness we begin to feel what’s there, and vent. Venting is a necessary part of the transmutation process. Venting allows the expression of emotion. When consciously processing emotion we must take care to not project upon anyone or anything.

Following sufficient venting (intensified and felt) we then move to control (contain) the emotion within. Holding the emotion intensely without emoting, then the feeling of the emotion will increase.  We enthusiastically contain the emotion within, encompass in unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude.  We then experience a thorough transmutation and rapid upscale emotional movement. If there isn’t an increase of intensity of the present emotion when we contain (control) then we go back to venting.

When the three physical principles are applied, nutrition, stillness, breath, then the opening of the suppressed emotion begins. The emotional and physical bodies are directly connected. They affect each other continuously. The energy of the emotional body usually moves and changes from the bottom up. The root center resonates with unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is all things we are unaware of.  This includes suppressed emotion, memory with associated words we were unable to experience in the moment that it occurred. This is a natural defense mechanism, when something experienced is resisted. When we make the choice to change, suppressed emotion will surface to be released. There are three main aspects to discover.

  •    Word pattern
  •    Emotion
  •    Memory

When all three are present, they may be released by applying one or more of ‘the three powers’.

  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Gratitude

 This process requires commitment and an increasing willingness to face one’s own emotional wounds and traumas. Self-compassion and support are extremely important here.

  • Willingness to change, willingness to feel, and a willingness to let go.
  • Own and maintain emotional responsibility. Non projection.
  • Feel what we feel WITH love, gratitude and or forgiveness. *The Three Powers.

 These points are key components to emotional transmutation. Welcome the emotion like an old friend. This energy is present and creating our experience in an unconscious way. By making it conscious, we are then in a position to release the stagnant energies. Changing emotional consciousness requires ever increasing self-responsibility, avoiding blame or justifications. When an outer circumstance triggers a reactive emotional response, be aware of the presence of the three powers. Recognize the trigger as our opportunity to see/feel a pattern of emotion present within, shown for our perusal and edification. Practice gratitude for the triggers. Keep the emotion close without projection on anything or anyone external. Observe the internal process. Observe the words that accompany the emotion.  When we are aware of what is there, from here it may be changed. Transmuted emotional energy provides the whole system with the opportunity for renewed capacity.

Suppressed/resisted experience, with denial we created those experiences can hinder humility. Humility begins with the realization of this. Then the asking/true seeking within begins. Consciousness changes as we apply the universal laws of Creation/Uncreation. When you ask, you are saying you are ready to receive. Be mindful of what, when, who and why as well the motivations behind asking.

When we find ourselves in emotional reactivity in daily life, have compassion for self, forgiveness for self, love for self, then extend that to all. Please do not project untransmuted emotion into your outer environment.

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